Makeover time #3

Another makeover time!!! This photoshoot was taken few years ago ( I think early of 2010). This was taken at Riverfront at Pasig City.

Our model for the day is Chessa and Kat. I already introduced Chessa from my previous blog here. It was a beautiful sunny day, it was perfect time to do an outdoor shoot, the natural lights were perfect. We already had the permits prior the shoot, thanks to the people who accomodate us to make this work.

 Kat is a friend of Chessa, they're bestfriend. I also love this lady! She's so sweet and natural. You know that she speaks her mind and the truth. Kat has a normal skin type, so there was no problem with doing her makeup. She has uneven skintone but only few blemishes and spots on her face. She's a natural beauty, I just enhanced it with makeup! :)

On the above photos, I'm on the process in doing their eye makeups. I used colorful colors such as green, yellow and black (with Chessa), and pink, gray and black (with Kat). The peg is something fun and bright just like summer! :)


 It was a fun and tiring day but fulfilling that you did something you love to do. I know more practice in doing makeups and more research for conceptualizing will do a lot for this kind of things. I'm still open to learn and attend workshops just to enhance my knowledge. I know learning will never stop but it will be broaden.

Until next makeover time! :p


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  2. They're so beautiful! I love the outfits too. I'm stopping by from Bloglovin where i follow ya. I hope your having a great weekend!



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