Maybelline Color Sensational travel pack

It's December! It's Christmas month already, a lot of gatherings, gift-giving, sharing and love. So excited for this month! :)
I just want to share quickly a gift I received from a friend. This is the Maybelline New Your Color Sensational travel pack. She said she got it from Duty Free and immediately got it for me cause she knew much I used to travel alot and this would be a perfect gift for me, makeup! lol! :)
I often see these from the counter of Maybelline and tried their testers but never bought one, thinking I have too many lipsticks already (my husband refrain me from buying more..hehe). This is perfect timing for me because I really wanted even just one but yet, now I got 3 and a free Volum' Express mascara!!! Yehey! 
I'm excited to try all of these, but didn't have the chance to swatch or try it yet. I'll give a detailed review soon  about these color sensational lipstick. But for sure, I can say that the colors are beautiful and the packaging is very pretty and looks expensive. And the scents smells yummy like a vanilla but not overwhelming... can't wait to use all of these! :-) 
These are perfect pair for a smokey eyes look. The color of these looks sweet and elegant, perfect for everyday use or parties. 

Well, that's it for now... until next time again! 


  1. Lots of maybelline!!! love those lipiies! :)

  2. wow, those were really pretty ^_~

    1. yes, can't wait to actually use them :)

  3. Cool Maybelline products Elgee!
    I think they'll look great on you. Go and share your looks with them too. :)

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    1. Thanks... I'll try to post pictures by next week! I'll check your giveaway. Thanks! :)

  4. Cant wait for your swatches on this! I'm super intrigued with the one at the middle! :D

  5. The shades all look pretty! I love Maybelline in Duty Free, they have sets like this too for their mascaras. Pati BB Mousse meron sila! :O I so want those!

  6. I like these lipsticks too! I recently bought the toffee color one and gonna by warm me up color soon :)


  7. Gorgeous lip colors! Thanks for the comment and for following me, I'm following you back :)

    <3 Josephine


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