Makeover time #2

Happy Weekend ladies! Another makeover time! :)

This photo shoot was my first ever experience in doing makeup for a model ( I think this was around 2009). The model is a friend of ours and our favorite! Whenever we planned a shoot with friends, she's always there for us to be one of the model, if schedule permits, of course! :) And also, this was her first ever photo shoot too.

Chessa, she's half Filipino and half Japanese. She's a sweet, respectful and lovable lady. I really like her personality as she's so easy to get along with and not "maarte-type" like other diva girls/models out there. By now, she had numerous photo shoot with different photographers and done a lot of modeling with agencies, though she's not that tall but face value is enough already. 

She have a pretty heart shape face, and normal skin type. In the first look I made, I just wanted to have natural light makeup for her, as she's still pretty young that time.

And for the second look, I gave her more sophisticated type look. For the eyes, I did a smokey blue shade with faux eyelashes and put on some red lip color. I know it's kinda dramatic look, but she wanted to have a mature look. And she pulled it off, she looks great!  

I know that she had fun because after this we had another photo shoot with her! My hubby and I love this girl! You will definitely see her a lot in the following "Makeover time" posts. 

All photos are taken and property by my husband: Kent Balbino


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  2. Hi! I love your use of colors and the way you blend. Great work!

    I just followed your site, and I hope you can too :) More power! (

  3. I love what you did on her makeup! Her face just glows! ♥

    1. Thank you! She has a natural glow though also. :)

  4. I love all the looks! great job! ^_~

  5. She looks beautiful even without make up on. And you enhanced it even better. By the way i just followed you. Mind to follow back?

  6. Chessa looks lovely!


  7. nice portfolio..she's like a star and how the make up blends with her skin,it's really great.
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    just me,


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