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Happy Sunday everyone! It's November already and soon it's Christmas month! Yey! So excited for the holidays to come. :P

Anyways, for now I want to tell you this hair tools my mom got for me. She saw these from their drugstores in Austria and got curious. She thought it looks convenient and pretty on the pictures that I would love to try it. I knew about this products as we also have it here in the Philippines, some are selling in bazaars but I think the good one are from the brand "Goody".  But it never occur to me to buy one for myself, I 'm already happy with bobby pins or ponytails. lol!

It also have instructions on how to do updos on your hair. It is detailed and easy step-by-step procedure at the back of the box. 

Here's a sample on my hair for the bun updo. My hair is layered, so there are a lot of hair not included inside the bun but it's fine for me as I don't want a super fine finish. I love this because I got it immediately right and I can do this fast. 

I like how it gives casual but still sleek look for me. And the best part of this, everytime I do this to my hair for a couple of hours, after I removed it to let my hair down it gives a very beautiful wavy hair. No effort for curling my hair at all! :)

But unfortunately, the French twist tool didn't work for me. I can't close the clip, my hair is 'sooo' thick!   I can't even do it to my in-laws hairs. I like it more using the natural way, using bobby pins. I guess it's not for me. Sorry can't show you sample pictures of french twist using this tool. I'll do my natural way.

Hope that you like it and give it a try. There are cheap ones like these from bazaars. Bazaars are now soon coming everywhere! :)  


  1. hi doll! Thank you so much for the follow, am following back on GFC :) great blog! xo

  2. I’m having a hard time applying the twist style to my hair :(
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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