K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm (Volume Curl Mascara)

Happy 2016 everyone! It's another week ahead and I hope you're fully ready for it. I just hope I can have the time this year to do more blogging because being a full time mom and housewife takes a lot of my time. But don't get me wrong, I love what I'm doing... my family is my pride and joy every single day! I wish sometimes that there's more that just 24hours a day. ^_^

So for now, I'm going to review this K-palette 1 Day Lash Perm that I bought in Japan last October. I got the Volume Curl Mascara variant in black.  I think it's available at the Beauty Bar stores nationwide here in the Philippines. I was really interested with K-Palette products because I heard a lot of good feedback about their makeups. And you can see these almost everywhere in Japan convenience stores and much cheaper there compared here in the Philippines. 

It has a purple tube packaging with gold label around but doesn't indicate it it's the Volume Curl Mascara anymore. 

It claims that it's waterproof, long wearing, and has beauty essences that takes care of our lashes. This provides instant curl that lasts throughout the day. It does not smudge even I was out in the heat during daytime. 

The brush is like a spoon-shaped style, which makes it unique. The inner curve sweeps curl upward to add more volume and while the other side can enhance more volume on your lashes. You can even try to use it on the lower lashes too.                    

Look at the pictures below: 

Bare lashes 
I don't really have short lashes but slightly sparse
      One coat of K-Palette Volume Curl Mascara

2 coats of K-Palette Volume Curl Mascara

It really does it job to give volume, but I think 2 coats of mascara is enough for me. Adding more coat will make it feel heavier and tends to weigh down the lashes. It's very pigmented and doesn't smudge, which is great. Though it waterproof, it's very easy to remove with just proper makeup remover or wipes.  No panda eyes in the morning!

Definitely recommended! A bit more expensive than the usual mascara like Maybelline, but it's worth it. This gives you length, curl and volume at the same time. 


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