Skincare: Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer

The weather is really starting to get hot. Summer is fast approaching wether we like it or not. I'm starting to change some of my skincare products that will be more suitable for the hot weather. The first on my list was my moisturizer because I used to use cream moisturizer which tends to be sticky if its hot and no one wants that, right?

Last month when we were in SM Aura, I checked out Za counter inside Watsons and found this, Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer. Actually this has a full line of skincare but I only got the moisturizer, the only thing I needed.

First thing that got my attention was the packaging, it was hot pink! It looks so attractive and girly... don't you think?! 

The downside is that it has a big opening that you might pour the product more than what you wanted. A little amount goes a long way. It has a white liquidy consistency. And I applied this on my face on patting motion, you need to be quick though because it dries fast. Lastly, it doesn't have sun protection. 

I like this because for me it's perfect for the weather. It can easily absorb by the skin and it's not sticky. And not too mention that's it affordable too, I got it for P650 (if I'm not mistaken... lost the receipt but the price is around that). And also, Za is also a part of the Shisiedo family, the affordable one, a reliable skincare brand.

I'll be using this during the summer season. I prefer this kind of consistency during hot weather because it easily moisturizes my face. I just hope we'll have more tolerable heat this summer...hehehe! :)

Have you tried any Za skincare products?
What moisturizers do you recommend?


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