Gifts Haul

Hello again ladies!

 This is just a quick post sharing with you what we've (shared with my mommy) got as a gift and pasalubong from my godmother from Japan, a friend and from my hubby. I'm totally excited to use them and try to give my thoughts on each item after a month or so, depends on my baby when he'll let me have the time to do a review. =)

My ninang from Japan is like my second mother to me. Actually, she's one of the godmothers from our wedding. I knew her since I was a little girl, and she's like a part of our family ever since. She's also a kikay, in fact she's going to open a franchise of a nail salon in Makati very soon. I'll update you once its open.

Shisheido Day Care Revolution II

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Colour
Dior Addict Gloss

And the mascara is from my Korean friend. She gave it as a gift because i did her hair and makeup. She's so sweet and thoughtful. She's full of stories to tell and love Philippines so much! :P

And the last and definitely not the least, one from my hubby! This definitely a big surprise to me! This is his first time to buy a makeup on a store (MAC Megamall). And he definitely knows what I want, red and a lipstick. He told me he chose it by himself by looking at all the red lipstick. And I was really planning to get a MAC Ruby Woo for the longest time (but he doesn't knows anything about that). He doesn't care about the name, he just chose the shade he prefers...hahaha!

Like they said.... A girl cannot have enough lipstick, especially a red one! Right?! *wink*

I'm really happy and blessed to have people like them. Simple thoughts can make a huge difference to happiness. 

I have a lot of products I want to share and review. I promise to squeeze in some time to update my blog from now on. Wish me luck!


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