Enhance Cosmetic Blush Palette -Tangerine Collection

I got a new addition to my makeup traincase, a 10pc. blush palette from Enhance cosmetics (Tangerine collection). I just learned about this product through online and wanted to try them as they look promising.  I've always wanted to have a palette of blushes that I can easily grab from my stash with all the shades already in one palette, so no need to open per blush one by one, right? Saves time! :P

The blushes have pretty variety of colors. I like that they are all matte. I'm not really into shimmered blushes because mostly, I use them as a highlighter. This collection is more on tangerine shades but there are few pinks too! There are also shades that may be use for contouring. ^_^

The lighter shades are sheer on my skin but I can build it up if I want to, I just need to layer it twice or more compared to the darker shades which is very pigmented, bear in mind to be cautious not to put too much blush on the apple of the your cheeks (you don't want to look like a clown! hehehe)

Below are my swatches. I doubled the layer of the lighter shades just for you to see clearly :)

As for the cons for this product, for me, I worry about dropping the palette and break the blushes to pieces. The packaging seems so very light! Maybe because that's what you get for the price but at least, the quality of the blushes exceeds my expectations. But other than that I can't think of any more cons. 

I highly recommend this blush palette for makeup enthusiasts and even to professional makeup artists! You can save a lot from this product and have good quality at the same time. This lasts me for about 4-5 hours, you can retouch or yet, apply different shade for more fun. 

Have you tried any products from Enhance Cosmetics?
I would like to try more, suggestions please :)

You can check out their facebook website here


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