Lip Balm hunt

I admit, I'm a lip balm addict! :) I'm a lip balm user since college years... It's part of my skincare procedure especially after brushing my teeth because my lips felt dry after it, this product always my next step for moisturizing the lips. I really don't have super dry lips but there are times in a day that I feel I need it to moisturize especially before applying lipstick.

As long I can remember, eversince I started working I always use Godiva Lip Gloss to moisturize my lips. I love the minty-orange taste this has (I think it's the only flavor they had, not so sure).  I finished around 8-10 tubes already, since I used it everyday, several times a day! :) I'm such a loyal user once I love the product! But unfortunately, this particular lip gloss is hard to find in Godiva outlets, I usually get mine at Robinsons Galleria department store but now, I can't find even their stall anymore. I think they change the product again for improvement. But this one is my favorite, I love this one so much.. I'm sad! 
* It has LicoWhite (to lighter darker lips)
* Vitamin C
* It has SPF15

I have also a Nivea lip gloss for alternative use if I don't feel like applying a lipstick because this one has a tint of red when applied on the lips and very moisturizing. This one has cherry flavor and very fruity scent. I also love the taste but of course I can't eat it..haha! But I don't like it that much because it's too glossy for me and it feels a little bit thick on the lips.

I bought the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm last week because my Godiva is almost finish and I need to back up since I can't live without a good and affordable lip gloss. I want to try this one because I know that Maybelline has a good quality when it comes to lip products. And I'm a Maybelline user also when it comes to makeup.

* It has SPF20 (which is much better! hehe)
* Anti-Oxidant

MAYBELLine  claims:
* Instant 8H Moisture
* Rejuvenated Lips
* Shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth and cushioned lips all day long
* Fine lines reduced
* Elasticity increased
* Suppleness increased

I'm still open to try other kinds of lip balms like Carmex. I'm taking my time in hunting for my holy grail lip balm. I just want something that will moisturize my lips but yet still affordable. But for now, I just need to finish what I have so it won't go to my shelves to collect dust...hehe! I still like these products but I don't think I will repurchase my Nivea lip gloss because I wan't something light feeling for my lips.


What's your favorite lip balms/ lipgloss?
What can you recommend that's good in moisturizing the lips but affordable?


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