HEALTH ALERT: Cervical Cancer Prevention

Hello ladies!!! :)

Last Friday (07/13/'12), I got my first shot for cervical cancer prevention at my husband's office (Linde Phils.). It's one of their company's benefits who wants to avail the discounted shot for prevention of cervical cancer.
Let me give you an idea about this cancer. I took some photos so I can share to you some background about it.  (Photos were taken from the leaflets I got from the program, but unfortunately everything was in Filipino. Anyway, you could ask your doctor about it too.)

The nurse said that a 10-year old girl can already have their shot for prevention because it can already pass the virus to young age for girls. As much as possible that every ladies have their shot for prevention of cervical cancer, you'll never know who has it around you. And these 3-shots of cervical cancer prevention are your protection for a very long period of your life from this sickness.  It's also best to ask your doctor about it too.. :)

NO EXCUSES from Ms. Kris Aquino

I have 'No Excuse' :)

with Sarah and Yesa
For me, I know that this is important as a woman, we do everything like staying fit and healthy but we need to be aware about our surroundings that everything is not safe anymore. It's hard to be a woman, but yet it's fulfilling and I love being a woman with power! :) So I make it appoint I stay healthy inside and out. This is not only for me  but also for my family. 

Have you had your cervical cancer prevention shots already? 
I recommend you get one now! :)


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