Suesh Vanity Mirror

I always wanted my own vanity mirror... for my vanity!!!  :)

When I was browsing Suesh site, I was thrilled when I saw that they are selling a vanity mirror! Not only that, it has a LED light around the rim!!! The led light can help you see more when you're applying your makeup, if there is not enough light in your room. You can easily move and tilt the mirror for your convenience.

vanity mirror

It gives you an option if your want to hang it on the wall or let it stand alone. And it has a removable power cord, so if you want to bring it in your travel bag, you can use a 3pcs. of AAA battery for the light.

with switch on light

only the LED light on
You can purchase this for the price of P2,500 on their shop or online site, which I thanked my generous husband for letting me buy this! =)


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