ELF Flat Top Brushes

I always like ELF products. Besides the fact that they're affordable, they have a wide range of makeup necessities you'll need.

They launched a new line for their brushes here in the Philippines. I got the flat top powder brush and stipple brush. The brushes are in all black and much softer than their previous brush set.

ELF Stipple and Powder Brush

The flat top powder brush is very nice. It has a long handle and dense soft (Taklon) brush hair. I use this when applying any loose powder or powder brush..... It is also usable for liquid foundation, its great  for buffing and blending for a airbrushed/flawless skin!

ELF Powder Brush

It doesn't eat up a lot of product unlike other brushes that absorbs a lot of foundation that are wasted, which is very annoying, right?! It doesn't shed and bleed even if you wash the hair a lot of times.

ELF Stipple Brush
This one is the ELF Stipple brush from the Studio line also. It is recommended to use for liquid foundation for airbrushed finished. But compared to the ELF powder brush, the hair of this brush is too soft for me. You need to have a soft control of the brush when buffing it to your face and an extra time when using this brush, as it takes some time to get everything even. But when used properly, it gives also light and flawless coverage.

The top was white before, I already used this one with my foundation

For me, I preferred the powder brush than the stipple brush. Because the powder brush is very multi-purpose as it can be use for applying powder/liquid/cream foundation, blusher, and even bronzers. 

If you're looking for a good but affordable brush, this is for you. Even professional makeup artists use this one. It's only Php249.00 at ELF shops (SM Megamall / Watsons), a good brush for everyone! :D


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