VISEART: Gel Eyeliner Long Stay

One of the most essential makeup for me is eyeliner which I think helps frame the eyes more. And my favorite type of eyeliner is gel eyeliner. I prefer to use gel eyeliners other than pencils or liquid because it's more pigmented, easy to use and stays longer.

My favorite for now is the VISEART gel eyeliner. I got this mid-last year from Digital Traincase shop in Ortigas. I knew the brand because their eyeshadow palette is one of the best especially for bridal makeup. So, when I saw that they also have the gel eyeliner, I immediately got one to try as I was looking for a good eyeliner at that time too.

Product claims:

This multiuse, waterproof, pro-wear gel liner is ideal for precise to dramatic applications. Extreme black, long lasting and smudge-proof, VISEART's gel liner can be applied to the wet-line, lash-line or blended across the lid as a base for smokey eyes. VISEART high performance professional products are made in France with natural and organic resources. Contains no mineral oils, parabens, or silicone. 

This costs Php900 for 4.5ml in a small glass jar, comparable to Bobbi Brown and MAC gel eyeliners but this one doesn't have box.

This last me the whole day but take note that I don't have oily lids. I like how I can play with this gel liner whatever line I want to make. I just need to use my trusted eye makeup remover to remove all the products on my eye. Also, it doesn't hurt my eyes even I wear my contact lenses. I'm very cautious with products I use around my eyes cause it tends to irritate if I'm not careful.

I would recommend this to those who're looking for a long lasting gel liners. Perfect to soon-to-be brides because it's waterproof! And with a small jar, it'll definitely last long because it's pigmented that you'll just need small amount in every use. 


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