Sakiraya Hepburn Lady Matte Lipstick [Review]

One fine day, I was browsing around Watsons and looking for an affordable lipstick cause I left mine at home. I know I have lot in my stash, but I change my purse that day and I forgot to put at least one... but that's another good reason to buy even if it's an affordable one. ^_^

I got the Sakiraya Hepburn Lady Matte Lipstick. I never heard of it but it have few varieties of cosmetics on the counter and very cute packaging. Though, I was very hesitant to buy because I want to buy something that I can really use and won't waste my money. I also want to try new brand for a change. Give chance to others, right?! lol

See how cute the packaging (I already said that, didn't I?) ?! The cover is pink and case of the lipstick is silver with cute design on the bottom. But the quality feels light and quite flimsy, feels cheap but still it looks pretty  

It is surely matte finish! So make sure you moisturize your lips before using this. My lips is quite dry these last few weeks, maybe because of the weather. I put lip balm before and after application of any lipsticks I use. It appears to be bright pink shade on my lips, very far from the shade name "Rose". It stays at least 3-4 hours with careful drinking and eating snacks. It's quite drying like most matte lipsticks. But the color pay-off is good enough with its price. I   

It only costs Php148 for this very cute lippie. I'll recommend this to those who are looking for an affordable lipstick and to those who love cute packaging.. :P They can choose variety of shades too! 

Have you tried one of Sakiraya Cosmetics?

Have a nice day! :)


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