Go Fresh with Dove

The past few days, taking a shower 2 to 3 times a day (sometimes even 4x!!!) is my favorite hobby, especially when I stay at home the whole day. But using a bar soap is so drying to my skin, there are times when I shower without using soap just to feel fresh again. Still, I'm looking for something with fresh scents that will stay for a while with me after shower.

While looking around Watson's area, I decided to look for a body wash that's a bit milder than any brand. I know that Dove is mild for the skin. Then I found this, Dove Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash, it says "fresh touch"...ooohh!!! I was pretty excited to use it after I bought it!

I especially love the scent! Anything with cucumber or melon is my favorite scent of all time... they smell so fresh and "delicious" :)

When I got home the day I bought this, I immediately took a shower and used it. I like how my skin feels soft and fresh after taking a shower, since then I use this once or twice a day alternating it with my bar soap.

It also comes with a free pair of bath gloves for every purchase of any variant of the Dove Go Fresh Body Wash.
This one costs around Php90 with a 200ml.

Have you tried any Dove Go Fresh body wash variant?
Which do you prefer body wash or bath soaps?


  1. I've tried this one but I don't know I just prefer using soaps compared to body wash ^_~


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