Essence Quattro Eyeshadow: To Die For

I had reviewed some Essence products before and now I have another one for you! But before that,  I heard that Essence cosmetics is now in the Philippines, on some branches of Watsons. You can check them out and see how affordable their cosmetics are. Their products are very recommendable for those who are just starting out with makeup.

I have some Essence Quattro Eyeshadows and to be exact I have 4 of them, a coincidence with the number! :) I would make separate post and swatches for each of them for you ladies. All the packaging is in a clear, plastic circle case without an applicator and mirror but it''s very portable and sturdy.

The first one from the quad I got is 05 To Die For shade. It's more on a neutral shade and very usable for daytime look. The eyeshadows are quite satin and creamy. From the packaging it looks a little bit shimmery,  but when you applied it on your lids, the finish is quite matte except for the highlight and lid color but not overrated. For me, it compliments each shade on this quad.

 As for the longevity, eye primer helps a lot to make it last for the whole day. But without, it creases around 4-5 hours on me, but it depends on how oily your skin has. It's decently pigmented, it is somehow sheer but buildable on the lids. 

This was my look after a day-out with friends... I went for a simple neutral makeup and this eyeshadow was enough for me. 

This quad is perfect for on-the-go eye makeup! A good color combination. Very convenient to squeeze in your purse if you want for retouch, even with your fingers..hehe  :)


  1. wow, the colors are really suitable for on the go! loves ^_~

  2. perfect for filipina skin color. Thanks for the review! :)


  3. I am definitely checking out this brand next time! I'm a neutral eywshadow kind of girl. Not very experimental. Heehee. :)

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  5. Lovely eye makeup look! You look beautiful! xo

  6. Youre pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog! ^^

  7. You're so pretty! I just started using their nail tints, susugod ako for the other lines.


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