REVIEW: Lorac Pro Palette

It's vacation mode ladies! What are your plans for holy week? For me, it's just "staycation" with hubby preventing the rush out-of-town and bond with our families.

Today, I will review about the Lorac Pro Palette I recently got as an early gift to myself for my birthday. :) I was having a hard time if I'm going to get the Urban Decay Naked 2 or this, they had the same good reviews and the price is almost the same but this one is cheaper. But then again, this one won me over the Naked 2 palette.

I fell inlove with this palette from the first time I used it! The powder is creamy and very pigmented. I like the colors on this palette which are very wearable for everyday. There's some fallouts but nothing I can't deal with and it blends perfectly well. It has combination of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. The mattes shades are pretty and the shimmer is not too much, it doesn't contain glitters too. 

I don't own any Naked palettes so I can't compare. But before I bought this, I did some "thorough" (as if!) research and compared the 2 palettes. Half of this palette consists of mattes eyeshadows which is a 10x point for me, 'coz I prefer mattes especially for daytime makeups and for clients for photoshoots.

The packages comes with a free Lorac eye primer. For me, UDPP is still the best for primers but this one isn't so bad though.

These are my swatches for each shades:

I love how sleek the packaging is, which is very easy to carry around or to toss in your makeup kit. The only cons about it, is the packaging can be easily be messed, I wish they used plastic or metal like Naked 2.

I got this palette from an online store named Stuff In Style. Check them out, a lot of good stuff from their store. And our transaction went pretty smooth and fast. Good service! 

I would definitely recommend this palette to makeup addicts, loves matte and pop of color, and wants something a little bit more than the usual. It's a perfect member of your traincase! :) 


  1. the first time I heard about lorac is from Judy's and all of the sudden it became so famous everywhere! I so wanted to try it too ^_~

    1. It's so worth it! :) perfect for everyday makeup ;)

  2. Would you recommend getting the lorac instead of urban D's?


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