OLAY Natural White Night Cream

Happy Wednesday ladies!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day despite our very hot weather outside. I just want to stay inside my room, turn-on the aircondition and let the heat pass until late afternoon..lol! Anyway, I still intend to enjoy the weather no matter what! :)

For today, I got another OLAY product that I'm trying for a week now. It's the OLAY Natural White all-in-one fairness Night Cream. I wanted a night cream that help rejuvenates and nourish my skin while I sleep, and this one said so in its description.

Actually, the one description that help me buy this product is it reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness. This past few weeks, I've been breaking out insanely, I don't know if its because of hormonal change or the weather but it just keep popping out around my face...*sigh* And all of them left a mark on my face! I feel my face nowadays are very dry or dull, I concluded that I need more deep moisturizing cream but with our weather, I just couldn't use a heavy one during the day. So, I decided to use one that's intended for the evening before going to sleep.

It has a very creamy white texture. It doesn't have any pungent smell too. It's well packed and the jar is really full, no cheating with the product :) Upon application, I can feel that it's a little bit heavy for a moisturizer, the aircondition inside my room helps absorb the product to my skin. I don't know what will happen if I don't go to a cooler room with this on my face... but I totally bet that it will melt and my face will feel sticky! Eeeww..lol!

On the morning, my face feel soft and moisturized. I just hope it will continue to stay that way until I finish this product. For now, I'm happy and contented using this and so far, my skin stop breaking out.. thankfully! =)


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