Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry

I was again in searched for lip moisturizers in Watsons  last month, not only for me but also for my clients. I wanted to get another brand to try, and I wanted to explore more. So, the hunt for lip balms is still on!

This is where Vaseline Lip Therapy comes in! :)

This is just plain old vaseline in a portable squeeze tube. It really moisturizes my lips especially when I use this overnight. It makes my lips soft and smooth. I use this almost everyday this month because my lips are super dry because of the cooler weather these past few days, it keeps my lips hydrated. 

I like that it's flavored... I love cherry flavored products not only that it taste sweet but it also smells good. The scent/flavor is not too strong though, just a little hint of cherry on it. 

The texture is thick, so a little amount goes a long way. I usually use my clean finger in applying it on my lips. For me, it's a little bit hard to spread because of its texture ( like a petroleum jelly!). But it really does wonders! 

Likes: What I like about this product that it's in a tube packaging. It's travel friendly. You can easily toss it inside your makeup bag. And also, it's hygienic that you don't need to dip your fingers on getting the product (especially for clients). 

Dislikes: The packaging! The hole on the tip is so small that it makes it kinda hard to squeeze the vaseline out. And for personal use, I would prefer the tip to be slanted instead of round. And no spf! :(

Overall, I like it but I still wanted to try more! hehe Actually, I'm looking for something minty, I like the feeling of a little bit tingly and fresh than plumping kinds of balms. :) It's an okay product though. I would recommend this to anyone in need of a good lip balm.


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