Essence Silky Touch Blush

Happy New Year to all and Happy 1st weekend of 2013! :) This year I'll try to update this blog more often than last year. Hoping that it'll grow much more and help others by posting my own reviews / opinions on the products I have. :)

Today, I'll give you my thoughts about Essence Silky Touch Blush powder. Blush is one thing that help us look alive..hehe just kidding! :) Seriously, it's normally the one that gives us glow and color. I can leave the house with lipstick and blush only. 

I have 2 shades, the Babydoll and Natural Beauty. Both blushes are pigmented and buildable. It doesn't smell anything at all too! I've been using these almost everyday last month even when I attended parties. These have shimmer that gives you enough glow on your cheeks. It's very easy to blend on the skin and looked very natural.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 40 Natural Beauty is a beautiful shade for everyday natural color. The shade is neutral brownish. It does have a bit of shimmer but when applied on the face, it gives a natural glow not like a disco ball! :) It gives a nice definition to the face. The color from the pan is so dark that you might be afraid to apply it on your cheeks, but when applied it's light and sheer, you just need to build it up base on your preference.

The other one I have is the 20 Babydoll, it's a pink bright pink shade. This one is very pigmented, a little goes a long way. You might even want to brush it with the back of your hand before applying it on your cheeks, just to be sure you won't over do it! :) It also has shimmers on it, but enough for natural glow look. 

These are my swatches on my cheeks:
with Natural Beauty 
with Babydoll
and swatches on my arms: ( hope you can see it..hehe)
babydoll    and    natural beauty

These blushes are nice and they last long on me. They really have a silky touch on it.  But they can be a little bit powdery, you'll need to tap your brush before applying it on your cheeks. And the packaging is a little bit filmsy, looks cheap but I guess you get what you paid for (they said that these products are really affordable, not really sure because it's not locally available here in the Philippines)


Have a wonderful year everyone! :)


  1. Gusto ko nga itry yun essence kasi I have heard a lot on UK bloggers and yun price range nya is parang elf ng US. Both shades look really nice and they do look pretty on you too ^_~

    1. Thanks! :) how i wish din sana magkaroon na sa atin, budget friendly siya lalo na sa mga newbies and infairness quality siya :)

  2. Wow very nice pigmentation ah! Ive read raves about this from other beauty bloggers and ganda nga daw to :) Cheap but very good color payoff!

    The Misty Mom

    1. The babydoll has a very good pigmentation. I used it everyday nowadays, im worried na it'll finish very soon. :)

    2. lovely shades! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  3. Thanks for showing swatches on your cheeks! Wish more beauty bloggers did this.

    Want to follow each other?

  4. you look lovely girl! I have a Chicnova Jewelry giveaway for 3 lucky winners on my blog..wld love it if you drop by!

  5. Oh you look radiant! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)


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