SNOE Here Comes The Sunblock (Instant Rosy White)

Days have gone by so fast and I just realized that my SNOE Stem Cell Sunblock cream, which I reviewed here, was already finished. I like it so much that I wanted to buy one immediately but I decided to try another kind of sunblock from Snoe again. So, I decided to get the SNOE Here Comes the Sunblock lotion in Instant Rosy White!

They have 2 variety, the first one is the Instant White SPF45 Sun Lotion which is the yellow plastic bottle, then the other one is the Instant Rosy White SPF45 Sun Lotion which has cute pink color and I believe that this is the latest one of the two.

I chose the Instant Rosy White not because its the latest kind but because of the pretty pink color of the packaging :) (I'm a sucker for cute packaging! hehe) It smells really good with floral scent! It also have white lotion-like texture but easy to blend and it's non-greasy. But I need to be careful in applying because if not blended well, it will show the white streak on my skin as I have a morena skin color.

I used this on my face daily for more than 2 weeks already. It didn't breakout my skin nor made it dry/ oily, it just blends well with my foundation. I really can't vouch for the "Instant Rosy White" because I'm naturally "morena" or brown-skin, as much I would like to be more fairer I just need to accept and love the fact that this is my natural color. :)

This sunblock also claims that, other than it whitens, it's also moisturizing, anti-oxidant, damage protection and best of all, it is Paraben free!!! Yey! :)

Here Comes the Sunblock Instant Rosy White SPF45 costs P249 (approx. $6) per 100ml. I got mine at Robinsons Galleria outlet but you can also check out their facebook page here.

What are your favorite sunblock?
 Can you recommend for future reference? :)


  1. Great review!! I tried their stem cell sunblock too and my skin didn't like it very much. I found it really creamy and although it dries matte, it doesn't help to keep them oilies at bay. This looks better though, because it has less ingredients. Does this have better oil control than the stem cell?


  2. The packaging is really cute indeed ^_~ Thanks for sharing =)


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