Makeover Time #4

Tonight I want to share to you one of our clients who wanted do some photoshoot and then later on, she became one of our good friends.

As much as possible, every time we are on a project, we want our client to have a good time. We don't want them to feel tired and bored. And we want them to be their selves when they do their pictorial, we want them to be all natural.

This is Xheen, she's a graduating college student that time. She wanted to experience photo shoot modeling, even the photos are just for reference. She looks chinese, I believe she has some chinese blood though. She has some similarities with the Taiwanese star from Meteor Garden, Barbie Hsu a.k.a Shan Chai. (remember the theme song from the show?! I love it! :) hehe)

preparation time
 Xheen has a very fair flawless skin. No pain for covering blemishes. I just covered a little bit of red spots and dark under eye circles. She wanted just a light makeup on her because she's not that really into makeup, but still she wanted something different. For her eyes, I just did a very light smokey-brown with teal shade near the lashline. Then ending with thin eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline. And on her lips, I applied a rose lipcolor that suits her skintone. 

It was just another day of fun and meeting new friend again. I love this kind of work, hopefully my husband and I can do this fulltime...wishful thinking! hehehe

Until next makeover time again! See you! :)

All photos are property and taken by my husband : Kent Balbino


  1. Love how you let her natural beauty still shine through! I always try to use as little makeup as possible on clients too :)


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