Kuala Lumpur -anniversary getaway!

It's been a year since I've married my bestfriend, and we know that there'll be many more years to come. :) 

My hubby and I decided to have an early anniversary celebration in Kuala Lumpur then at the same time to visit my mother (also my half-brother and step-dad) who are now based in Malaysia. We haven't really had the chance to travel out of the country, it's always around Philippines territory only. This is the perfect time to travel again and bond with my hubby.

I just want to warn you that this will be more on a photo-blogging since there were a lot of places in Kuala Lumpur we visited. :)

The first place we visit was the Batu Caves. It was raining so hard that the moment we arrived at the area we had to stay inside the car and let (and pray! lol) the rain past. And thankfully, after 15 minutes of hard rain, Mr. Sunshine went out and gave us beautiful sunshine! Yey!!! :)
Batu Caves is a sacred place for Malaysians and a place to worship for them. We climbed the 272 steep steps to see their temples up in the cave. (I reached my quota of workout that day, then after going down my legs were wobbling..haha!)*  There was also a ceremony the time we were there but I'm not sure what is it about. And I was really impressed on how devoted they are on worshipping.
The next day we went around Kuala Lumpur city by riding the KL Hop-on Hop-off bus, very convenient for the tourist if you don't want to rent a taxi in going around the city. On the brochure, there are 23 bus stops that you can hop-off, it's your choice where do you want to stay and look around. 
MERDEKA SQUARE / Sultan Abdul Samad Building
MUZIUM NEGARA / The National Museum

We also went up on the observatory of Petronas Tower (Note: you need to pay RM80 and this is first come, first serve basis, only few slots are available) and the view is so breathtaking!!! It was very beautiful to see everything up high! It was a perfect timing because the weather cooperated with us, not even a cloud in the sky! 
KLCC and Petronas Tower Observatory
This was a truly relaxing and educational vacation. I also want to thank my mom for welcoming us stay to their beautiful home. As in feeling ko "sosyal" ako, super nice place...hehe! It was a nice short trip because hubby needs to get back because of work... he cannot have a longer vacation leave from work :(

Anyway, there'll be always a next time, a chance to go back! lol! But whatever happens, I'll always look forward having a special time with my husband, wherever that may be. I appreciated everything he did and gave for me. We can always look back to the beautiful places we've been. Memories last forever... :)


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