SNOE Magic Apple whitening s-rub

It was Tuesday again, another day for church (VCF) at Robinsons Galleria. It was already normal for me to wait for my husband (who's very workaholic! ) on a Tuesday night before attending our service. So, I guess it's not my fault that I have a lots of time to do some "window shopping".... sometimes, without the "window", only doing the shopping! :) While I was "window shopping" at SNOE, I saw some items that got me interested like their sunblocks, colognes and scrubs. And the SA has a very good convincing power... I was sold! haha :) I got the Snoe Magic Apple  Whitening s-rub and Stem Cell Sunblock cream.

The smell is so good, it has an apple scent that I keep on smelling from time to time. The ingredients was listed on top of the cover, if you're wondering about what's in it.  The thing that I don't like with the packaging was it wasn't sealed. I checked their other stocks of the same scrub if there are sealed ones but unfortunately, none of them has it. I just don't like the idea that it was opened already, or maybe used. 
I used this 4 times already and I love the feel of my skin. It's so smooth and soft. I use this on my face and neck before bedtime, so I don't use sunblock cream after instead I put on my moisturizer. In my opinion, it's best to use scrubs on your nightly routine.

I'm not really sure about the whitening effect of this product because I'm naturally "morena" and I just used this recently to notice anything immediately. But maybe, I think I'll repurchase again if I finish this one. The price is affordable (can't really remember the price but I think more or less P200) and worth it.

Check their  Facebook site for more products details here.


  1. Wow this looks pretty interesting! I think I'll try this out. Thanks so much for sharing ^_~

  2. It works for me... I hope you'll love it too! :)


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