My ZenZest Body Spray

I always prefer a cologne/body spray than perfume for everyday use. I love the scent of something fresh and fruity because for me, it feels so light and youthful.

Last Sunday, I bought body spray from ZenZest kiosk in Robinsons Galleria before attending service in our church. This is my first time to try ZenZest body spray and I'm surprised that it's really affordable.

I got two ZenZest refreshing body spray, Champagne and Cucumber Melon scents. I got it for 2 for P160 (approx. $4), not bad for a 120ml bottle. The packaging is just a simple plastic spray bottle, but as long as it doesn't leak around the body, it's fine with me, I hate plastic spray bottle that doesn't work and leaks!

CHAMPAGNE, this smell pretty nice, so sweet and feminine. At first, I wasn't planning to get this one because the SA told me that the melon scent was their bestseller and I was already decided to get the cucumber melon scent. But at the last minute, when I was about to pay I saw this one and it was the last piece aside from the tester, and like it immediately than the melon scent, not so fruity smell though.

CUCUMBER MELON, this one I LOVE! :) This is my favorite scent of all scent! I love the smell of cucumber melon especially from Bath and Body works product. It feels so refreshing and what I like from this body spray upon using it moisturize my skin, doesn't dry out my skin.

I think I'll get more fragrances for myself or give them as a gift to friends and families. They have many selections and also fragrances for men.


  1. Me too, I prefer body spray compared to perfume.Thanks for sharing this, I hope they have Vanilla as that's my favorite scent ^_~

    1. Tama! :) kasi its smells more refreshing than perfurmes :)


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