KIKO Unlimited Rouge Lipstick [Review]

Happy December everyone! This is one of my favorite months because of the holiday season. Everything seems so light, happy and colorful! There are parties, get-together, and reunions for family and friends. Everyone is connected. I just wish it's like this every month, right? ^_^ 

Anyway few months ago, my mom gave me a lipstick she got when she was in Austria. The brand is called KIKO Makeup Milano. It's one of the staple brand on her makeup kit. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Kiko Milano, but my mom said that it's a known product in some cities around Europe and it's affordable too.

Product Description: 
Transfer resistant lipstick with tested hold of up to 8 hours*. The highly pigmented semi-mat finish is combined with the resistance of its latest generation ingredients for a lip make-up that stands for a long time.

It is comfortable and easy to control when applying. Your lips appear smooth and soft.
The texture is creamy, soft and ultra-melting. When applied, Unlimited Stylo instantly releases an easy to build colour. An even layer adheres perfectly to the lips, enveloping them with extreme precision.
Unlimited Stylo's packaging and design allow the properties of its formula to remain intact, preserving the long-lasting performance of its ingredients.
Unlimited Stylo, long-lasting lipstick, is available in 14 shades, from natural nude effects to more full bodied shades that enhance the lips. The colour sample shown on the outside of the packaging makes it easy to identify the correct shade to apply.

I got the KIKO Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in 003 Hibiscus Red. 

I like how velvety it feels when applying on the lips. It's very opaque and very easy to blend. One layer can give full coverage immediately and it stays true to its color.  

I like how chic but classic the silver semi-bullet type packaging. It has minimal scent that fades quickly.

When first applied, it appears quite glossy then set as matte after few minutes. It stays on me around 4-5 hours including drinking and eating, not bad for me. I applied some lip balm after those hours because it started to feel dry. It leaves stain on your lips, a makeup remover is needed to clear all it away. 

For me, the shade appears bright pinkish red. This is a perfect match to simple eye makeup and if you want to look glam even you don't feel like to put on a lot of makeup. Instant bright aura! lol!

Sadly, I don't think it's available yet in the Philippines, maybe someone selling it online though. I need to ask my mom to get me more shades. :P

Take care! ^_^


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