Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation

Everyday I'm trying to use different foundation for my face, it depends on my mood and where are my activities for the day. Mostly on my weekend errands, I prefer something light and a foundie that still show my real skin. So I usually grab my  BB creams or powder foundation, and I love them both!! :)

Last week, I had just finished my Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation after a long time and that's my one and only powder foundation! I like how natural finished it gives my skin and gives nice coverage.

Luckily, a few months ago my cousin gave me Mary Kay products and it included a mineral foundation. I saved it until to this moment because I wanted to finish first my Maybelline mineral powder. I also wanted to try from another brand.

Application Techniques: (included inside the box)
- Cleanse and moisturize your face. Allow your moisturizer and any other treatment products to become dry to touch.
- With the jar lid on, gently shake the Mineral Powder Foundation jar to dispense the foundation into the sifter.
- Remove the lid and lightly dip your Mineral Foundation brush into the powder and tap against the rim of the jar to remove any excess. You don't need to use all the powder in the sifter, a little goes a long way.  
- Swirl the Mineral Foundation brush inside the lid so that the powder is worked into the bristles.   
- To apply, start in the center of the face and work your way out on either side toward the hairline and along the jawline - blending well. For a light, natural coverage, a single, thin layer should be enough. For increased coverage, repeat the application process applying the mineral powder foundation in thin layers until you reach your desired coverage level.

I got the shade in Ivory 2 which is a little dark brown shade, which suits me now after all the sunshine I got from the summer time, before I was hesitated to use this because it's too dark for my skin tone. I like how it gives me smooth finish and feels light on my skin. I used moisturizer/sunblock before my application to my MK powder foundation, it prolongs the longevity of the powder and it really helps matte my face throughout the day.


But unfortunately, there's a downside with this product, even though it gives good coverage. The ingredients of the MK powder foundation contains a lot of stuff that isn't good for our skin like talc, paraben and mica. 

For me, I'm sure this will not be my holy grail product as there is much more "healthy" mineral powder out there. If you're not bothered with the list of ingredients and you're after with the all-day matte look, then you should definitely can consider this! :)


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