Gifts from my cousin! =)

Look what I got from my cousin!!! She arrived last week from the States (Houston) and she got me these babies especially for me... how sweet :)

Bath and Body Wash
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush
Revlon Lip Butter

I love the Bath and Body Works products especially their cologne. Ann (my cousin), gave me handsoap with my favorite scent Cucumber Melon! It has such a fresh, clean scent to it. I love it!! The scent lasts quite a while after washing my hands.

make-up! :)
This is the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in the shade Orchid Hush. I always wanted to try this but unfortunately,  this is not yet locally available here in the Philippines. I was intrigued by the idea that they were "bouncy".

The texture is like a mousse-like cream blush. But for me, it wasn't very pigmented, and it didn't build up very well at all. This blush is pretty sheer. You need to layer it up if you want to build more color. As for the longevity, it doesn't last very long, I suggest that you layer it with a powder blush on top of it and it will last much longer.

Revlon Lip Butter

Shade: Lollipop
Yeheey!!! Another Revlon Lip Butter and now in the shade of Lollipop! I'm resisting to buy another shade of this product because I need to save...hehe So, I was really happy that Ann got me one, and I really like the color. It's more bright reddish color with a little bit shimmer on it.

Thank you again my dear cousin for all of these.... until next time again! Lots of love...


  1. I'm also wondering about this bouncy blush, thank you for this. Now I know a thing or two about it! ;)

    mind if you check out my page? thanks.. ;)


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