Cinema Secret Ultimate Foundation (concealer)

 I was on the haunt for a new concealer, something that will cover my "new" pimple marks *grrrrr* at SM Megamall. The one I have is almost finish (L'Oreal true match super-blendable concealer), and I want to try another brand because I wasn't completely satisfied with my previous concealer.

While wondering around at their beauty section in the department store, cinema secret came across my sight.... I always wanted to try their products because I heard it's really pigmented as it's usually used for entertainment-industry and theaters makeups.

                                       ** Covers like a second skin
                                                   ** Contains no lanolin or mineral oil
                                                   ** Waterproof, water-resistant and long lasting
                                                   ** The most highly pigmented makeup available

I asked the SA what concealer can she recommend to me, then she showed me this small pot and she tried it on me. It was nice and smooth. It also blended on my skin as well, I don't look like a raccoon with white circles around the eyes which I don't like especially when taken a picture. I was easily convinced despite the price. It was more expensive than MAC Studio Finish concealer, but I liked the way it conceals my dark circles and pimple marks. After more trials, I paid the the item immediately because I was meeting my husband.


When we got home, I checked again my newly purchased cute concealer (so excited to try again! :P) .. Then I realized that at the back of the small pot that it was written as a foundation!!! I was confused, but I guessed the SA knows that it was too heavy as a foundation that they recommend it as a concealer to customers ( I should have checked it also, my fault).. For me, I won't use it as a foundation as it so dewy/sheer and too thick for everyday use, unless you will want a heavy makeup.


Overall, I still like it because it covers my blemishes compared to my previous concealer. It's easy to blend on the skin and doesn't set on my fine lines. It brighten my face after i applied some of it and it gives natural finish. And there are a lot of shades to choose from for your skin color. At least, it's a duo-purpose! ('',)


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