San San High Definition Concealer review

Wow! It's been months since I updated my blog!
 I guess it is true that when the moment comes you see your baby for the first time, you'll want every moment spent with him. I was really busy adjusting to being a new mom but I love every single second of it! :) I'll share some of my baby's photo next time! *wink*

Today, I'm going to share my review on my recent bought concealer, San San High Definition Concealer. Since my baby was born, I rarely have 8 hours of sleep. I'm lucky if I have 2 hours straight sleep! There were times, unconsciously that I'm already sleeping while just sitting. That's why I have dark circle around my eyes and looks tired lately. :( ...but I'm not!

I looked for an affordable concealer that I can use for everyday, even at home (vanity!). I wanted to try San San products, as I heard and read good feedbacks on their products. They have a new line or formulation which they called as HD. I was only planning on getting a concealer but I got more...temptations! hahaha But for now, I'll just talk about their HD concealer.

I love their packaging! It looks expensive by just looking at it, doesn't seem cheap at all. It's has a lightweight plastic but sturdy pen-type packaging. I love that their HD line has a metallic purple color, it has that sophisticated look.

It has a twist and click bottom to dispense the product. But there were times that it dispense much more than what you wanted, check the tip or brush if there's products on it already.

I got the beige shade, which I thought matches my skintone but it's a bit lighter. It has a creamy consistency. It's creamy, but easy to blend under the eyes. No need to tug! Because of its consistency, I prefer using this if I have any redness or extreme dark circles around the eyes.  But honestly, I prefer much lighter and thinner formulation to use for everyday, because it looks more natural and can acts as a highlighter as well. But still, I could work on this with care. I prefer using my fingers with small amount of product for light and natural application. And I like that it has SPF 15!

It costs only P105, which is very affordable and perfect for those who are tight in budget.

It has pretty decent staying power on me. It lasts on me up to 5 to 6 hours throughout the day. I didn't set it with any powder because I'm already contented on its own. My skin is not that oily these past few weeks because of the cooler weather we have for now. And sometimes setting the concealer under the eyes makes it look flat or too matte and cakey.

Yes, I will recommend this concealer especially to those who wants an affordable good concealer. It's very portable and convenient for touch ups.

You can buy the San San HD concealer at any HBC outlet... 

Have you tried any San San HD products?

That's it for today! Have a happy weekend! :)


  1. nice ! not sure where i can get this in singapore
    should try my luck to search for it !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi there,
    I have 2 dark blemishes on my skin. That is a size of a 5 cents coin. Or maybe a bit smaller than that. I'm currently using San San Soleil Matte Foundation on my face but it failed to cover those freakin blemish. Do you think this would be a great product to use?

    Or let's say if I use this,would this compliment with my Nichido Pressed Powder? Thanks.


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