M&S: China Blue Collection

Happy weekend to all!

Today I just want to share quickly my hand care routine, and my routine is very simple, wash and moisturize! But first of all, I do not claim that my hands are perfect, actually they are dry, that's why I need to moisturize them always. Since last month, these are my hand-buddies!  These are from Marks and Spencer: China Blue Collection, hand wash soap and hand and nail cream.

I got them as a gift from my newly-wed cousins after their wedding. I can live without putting lotion on my body because in our country when the weather gets hot or humid, it tends to get sticky on our body, but when it comes to my hands, I do and always moisturize after washing them.

I hate the feeling of dry and rough hands, but most especially, I feel ashamed and embarrassed when somebody hold my hands or shook hands with me because I know that they can feel the roughness... eeww! lol! :) 

From the first time I smelled these babies, I love them already. I love how sweet and floral their scents are. And the scent really stays on your hands after using them that I kept on smelling them every now and then :)  They said that this also help strengthen your nails. 

After using the handwash, I apply a small amount of the hand cream after drying my hands. I like how the cream moisturize my hands, it takes away the dryness but not totally the roughness. But still, I take the hand cream anywhere I go while the handwash stays on my bathroom sink! :) 


  1. I can smell this is an awesome product. :)


  2. From your description pa lang, I can already smell this! Super interested in it tuloy even though I never really look at M&S beauty products :)

  3. These sound delightful and the packaging is so pretty too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Thank you for the comment. I like your post. Want to follow each other? I am following you via GFC.


  5. I am not sure about the smell, but this surely looks like a awesome products and I love the package!


  6. I got the body wash as a gift....the sent is incredible and it lasts for hours


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