Mini Haul and Review: Ever Bilena Products

Happy weekend to all! Hope you're taking advantage of the weekend to take a moment to have fun and enjoy while we have a good weather (to most of us anyway :P).

Today, I want to share to you my first Ever Bilena mini haul. Actually, this would be my ever first lipstick and lipliner from the said brand. I know by now that everyone knew how great their products are. I don't know why I didn't tried them before, I have nothing against local drugstore makeup actually I have tons of them. I had their foundations and of course, their matte blushers (one of my favorites 'till now). I got curious everytime I get to see bloggers raving about their lipsticks, so I promise to myself that I must get one and try!

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Sienna
I was looking for something red for my lips but natural looking, something I can use for everyday. Because I'm more of a matte lipstick user, the SA recommend the Sienna shade to me, she said it's one of their bestseller lipcolor. Upon trying it, I like it immediately! I love how it looks on my moisturized lips, it looks natural yet made up.

Then I also got myself some lip liners, it would be my base if I had a deep red lipstick for me or my client. I want to try it on myself first, of course! :) I got the Scarlet and Red shade from the Pro lip liner line of Ever Bilena.
Ever Bilena Pro Lip Liners in Red and Scarlet

Here are some swatches on my lips for an idea for each shade:

My bare moisturzed lips

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Sienna (Php155)

Ever Bilena Pro Lip Liner in Scarlet (Php95)

Ever Bilena Pro Lip Liner in Red (Php95)
Sienna - reddish brown shade
Scarlet (lipliner) - bright tomato red shade
Red (lipliner) - deep red shade

I like their lipstick, though like any matte lipstick, this can be drying if you don't moisturized well before applying. I like how it gives me color in a natural way. I've been using it almost everyday, and my friends are complimenting it. It lasts up to 3 to 4 hours and then put a little lip balm over it, so, it won't dry too much on my lips... it can be a little bit irritating if it happens.

The lip liners are also love... there are times that I prefer to wear it alone! It so pigmented and easily glide on my lips. Like the matte lipstick, I moisturize my lips prior to application for a smooth canvass. The shades are perfect for vintage look lips! :)

I also got an eyeliner from Ever Bilena and this one is always present on my makeup kit. It so affordable that I got one in my traincase and 1 in my purse. I used this to line my eyes then smudge it or for a smokey eyes look. It also has great pigmentation.

I'm really impressed with these products especially with the pigmentation. I'm thinking about getting another shades from the matte lipstick, and hoping that I'll get the same color pay-off. The only downside for me is the packaging of the lipstick, the cap isn't tight that it keeps falling off. It too light, like a cheap plastic case. Anyway, it's not bad for the price, you'll get what you pay for. I recommend these especially to those who are on a budget and to students, it's a good product and I'm getting more! :)

And here's some LOTD after using these products:

with Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Sienna

with Ever Bilena Pro Lip Liner in Red
We are about to go out for a doctor's appointment and for a "saturdate" with my hubby...*wink* 
 My tummy is getting bigger and bigger, now that I'm on my third trimester. We're excited to see my little prince soon!


  1. Ang pretty! :) I love EB Matte Lipsticks. <3

    I'm having my first giveaway! Hope you can join!

  2. that brand is really nice and affordable too! :))
    nice hair by the way! :)

  3. Awesome! I like this brand too, i have the lip pencil in the same shade. I hope your having a great Saturday!

  4. I love Ever Bilena Matte lipsticks. I think I bought four shades na. I;m currently loving Storm. :)

    1. I saw that one too! I'll definitely try Storm and mauvey next time :)


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