SNOE Shoo-Zit OutZit Beauty Bar

As i've mentioned in my previous post that my skin is having breakouts lately, so I needed to find a good product that can help my skin. And as always, I dropped by SNOE kiosk at Galleria early this month to  find something new that can help cure pimples and prevent them. What I love about SNOE, most of their products are natural and Philippine made. :) 

Their SA suggested to me that the best product that suits me in my "condition" is one of their new product the SNOE Shoo-zit Outzit Beauty Bar. It helps eliminates zits and prevent them on popping out again. She convinced me obviously! lol! hehe 

 Another thing that impressed me with this beauty bar, all the information and details you want to know are written on the box. No need to doubt! 

even the expiration date...! 

and ingredients!

If you're not a fan of scented soap, this one if for you! Though it has a very very mild scent, you won't even notice it unless you smell it a couple of times. It has jaded green color, but surprisingly, it doesn't melt that easily not like any other natural soap. But being practical me, I still cut my soap into halves just to make it last a bit longer.

It also contains crown wood fern, purewhite, moringa, Australian tea tree and squalene. It all helps with  drying up acne, antioxidant and prevents drying out your skin. 

I'm using this for 3 weeks already, but only every other night... I'm still using my Happy Essential Foam from Etude House on a daily basis. But it really does dried up my zits or any breakouts after a week of using this and I'm still using this up to now. It sting a little bit after letting it stay for 2 minutes on my face especially on your first use, but I guess that's a sign that the product is effecting. 

I also like that its formula is non-drying to the skin, it doesn't leave any dark marks. It works well on small or large zits. It prevents breakouts. It speeds up drying time of your problem areas.  

It costs Php199.00 (approx. $5)

I recommend this for those who have problem dealing with their breakouts, even for those normal skins as it is natural and full of properties that will help maintain beauty of your skin. 

Check out SNOE Facebook page here
You can even order online here!


  1. It's so nice to see a great product made in the phils! I'll grab one of this to try out soon! Thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. thanks for sharing! definitely will check it out! x


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