Skin Food Apple Can Multi Blusher

I always like Skin Food products not only because of the quality but because they always have cute and adorable packaging and usually has good scent.

My cousin gave me a couple of blushes from her trip to Korea, and one of those is the Skin Food Apple Can Multi Blusher. The first time I saw this blush, I was pretty amazed by the packaging, it's an apple-shaped (or like a kidney-shaped) metal tin can. And then, inside there's a mirror which is big enough for you to use and do retouch. Also, there's a fluffy white powder puff which looks adorable but I think it's too big and hard to get the product on it, I just use a small blush brush which is much easier and reliable.

Product Description :
- a multi-color blusher that performs as both cheek blush and blush highlighter, enabling easy application to contour your cheekbones and bring out your eyes.
- Skin Food Apple Can Multi Blusher is a beautiful blended shades that gives the skin an instant healthy and youthful all-over glow. Each can contains a with a handy mirror and a puff.  

Skin Food Apple Can Multi Blusher comes in three shades:
- #1 Apple Pink
- #2 Apple Orange ( I got this one, but I think it's more on the peachy shade, not orange..hehe)
- #3 Apple Lavender

Net Weight : 8.5 grams

There are three different and uneven shades of the blush inside the can. The upper small part is a light peachy pearly highlighter, then in the middle part has darker peachy pink shade and lastly, the last shade in the lower part is pink. The colors are very sheer and you need to build the color to how much you wanted. You can mixed all the colors together then apply it on the cheeks or you can use only the highlighter itself. I like the way it gives a healthy subtle glow on my cheeks. 

This blush has an apple extract that serves as an antioxidant to the skin. It also have a pretty nice smell that lingers on the skin for a couple of hours. 
If I'm aiming for a natural look, I'll grab this one as it gives enough peachy natural glow on me. There are times that I use this to set my cream blush and it will last for a whole day on my cheeks. I recommend this to those who love natural-finish look.

Skin Food Apple Can Mutli Blusher is locally available at any Skin Food outlets or some online shops,   around P500 (aprox. $11).


  1. It is nice to Korea product!! Skin food package always cute :)


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  5. I like subtle blushes kasi too much makes me look like a clown na :) How is the shimmer nito, sis? Does it make pores look larger?

    1. For me, the shimmer is enough just to make you have glow effect. It's a little bit sheer. For the pores naman, i dont think it makes it look larger. :)

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