It's good to catch up with old friends you don't see very often because of conflict of schedules and work. Last week, we got the chance to have dinner again with a friend whose based in Malaysia after we did a photoshoot of her, together with her sister in Ortigas. And she got me a gift that got me really excited...it's an Inglot eyeshadow!!! Yeyy!!

Inglot is a Polish company that used to be small and produced only for the local market. And now over the years, they improve and expand internationally. I first heard the rave about this product from youtube gurus and reviews, but unfortunately this isn't available in the Philippines.

My friend, Jane, was also new to this product but got curious when she saw how big the store of Inglot in Malaysia. She called me (long distance!) just to ask me if I knew about the brand and what color of eyeshadow do I prefer. (I'm so touched! lol)

I got the shade Pearl 439.... the shade is in number form, which is hard to memorize! :( This e/s has violet shade with bluish color with pearl finish. It's soft, sheer, very pigmented and paraben-free!

Swatch: Taken with flash
I will try to do a FOTD with this and see what look I can come out with.
I'm so excited to use this!!!
 I'm planning to get some more from Inglot products when I visit Malaysia later this year!

Jane and I
Here's a photo with my lovely friend, Jane... Thank you so much girl for the eyeshadow! Next time we'll go makeup shopping together in Malaysia. See you again :)


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